At the point when your life is affected – regardless of whether by loss of wages, snowballing medicinal costs or calamitous wounds – our practiced legitimate group is focused on battling for equity. We think about our customers family. Serving unfortunate casualties in Fort Lauderdale and past, our fender bender legal counselors commit the vital time and assets to guarantee each case is taken care of as indicated by our elevated expectations.
Vehicle Accidents



The Florida Highway Patrol reports a normal of 375,000 vehicle mishaps a year, including in excess of 600,000 drivers. That separates to around 1,000 crashes each and every day.

Of those:

2,700 are lethal

160,000 reason genuine individual wounds

212,000 outcome just in property harm

The uplifting news is engine vehicles are getting more secure as headways in vehicle innovation enables ready drivers with reinforcement cameras, to vulnerable side indicators and other enemy of accident sensors. Be that as it may, innovation is additionally a main consideration in diverted driving mishaps, with the National Safety Council detailing 1 out of 4 Florida crashes includes mobile phone diversion.

The Fort Lauderdale pile up legal counselors at The Ansara Law Firm are focused on battling for a great result for your case, regardless of whether that is through settlement, drug or preliminary.

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Bike Accidents

bicycle Accidents

Fortress Lauderdale bike mischance wounds have turned out to be progressively normal, and Florida has long held the best spot for bicycle related passings. The Florida Highway Patrol announced in one ongoing year, there were in excess of 7,100 bike mishaps bringing about in excess of 150 passings and 6,700 wounds.

South Florida – including Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade Counties – have probably the most astounding rates of bike mishaps in the state.

Quite a bit of this is on the grounds that cyclists can ride all year and the movement has developed in fame. Be that as it may, two other main considerations are:

Poor street structure that does not represent bicyclists and people on foot;

Drivers neglecting to look out.

Our Fort Lauderdale bicycle damage legal counselors will battle for bicyclists to get the full remuneration they merit.

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Truck Accidents

truck Accidents

Huge truck crashes execute in excess of 4,000 individuals per year broadly and have been relentlessly expanding, as indicated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Florida has one of the most elevated rates of trucking mischances in the nation. Government authorities gauge expansive truck crashes represent 5.2 percent of every single deadly accident in Florida.

Albeit any crash can possibly mutilate and cause passing, truck mischances are particularly perilous because of the sheer size of these vehicles.

We depend intensely on these vehicles and bearers for quick transport of vital merchandise and ventures, yet this does not pardon them from guaranteeing their trucks are in best condition and their drivers are qualified and safe. Time and again, in any case, the truck mishap lawyers at our Fort Lauderdale firm discover this isn’t the situation.

Diverted Truckers/Overweight Trucks/Rear Underride Collisions/Dangerous Truckers

Person on foot Accidents

Person on fo

ot Accidents

Florida is a standout amongst the most risky spots to stroll in America. South Florida specifically – Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach regions – report an amazingly high number of walker mishaps, regularly bringing about genuine wounds and passing. A Fort Lauderdale individual damage legal counselor can enable exploited people to make lawful move when this occurs.

Shrewd Growth America’s Dangerous by Design yearly report eight of the main 10 most perilous metro locales for those going by walking are in Florida. The Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach district positions No. 11. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles reports a normal of 9,000 person on foot crashes yearly in this state, bringing about approximately 7,900 wounds and 630 passings.

This disturbing plague is propagated by the reality Florida’s streets weren’t structured in light of walkers. They are wide, have fast breaking points and couple of walkways, crosswalks and open transportation stops.

Our devoted Fort Lauderdale auto collision lawyers can guarantee that casualties of a person on foot mischance are fairly redressed.

Tyke Pedestrian Accident/Older Adult Pedestrian Accidents/

Parking garage and Backover Accidents/Tourists

Unjust Death

Unjust Death

Probably the most genuine mischances result in the heartbreaking demise of an unfortunate casualty. While their family can’t bring them back, they might have the capacity to pick up a feeling of equity and truly necessary money related help by considering responsible the individual who took their cherished one’s life. Florida enables relatives of unfortunate casualties to convey an unfair passing case to look for some types of remuneration. These cases are normally brought by a companion, tyke, or parent, yet different relatives who were reliant on the unfortunate casualty might have the capacity to bring them too. The remuneration may cover the injured individual’s burial service costs as well as their torment and enduring before death and any restorative costs identified with their treatment. Relatives likewise might have the capacity to look for harms for more abstract misfortunes, for example, their loss of brotherhood and support. Our Fort Lauderdale unfair demise attorneys can delicately manage you through the procedure in these awful circumstances.

Drifting Accidents

Drifting A


Drifting is a lifestyle in Florida, yet sculling mishaps don’t need to be. However Florida drives the country in both drifting enlistments and sailing mishaps. Stronghold Lauderdale sailing mishaps, as indicated by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, are regularly caused by:

Absentmindedness/no appropriate watch out

Administrator naiveté

Apparatus disappointment

Over the top speed


Liquor utilize

In the greater part of these occurrences, our Fort Lauderdale watercraft mishap lawyers can affirm a case of carelessness against various litigants, including the vessel administrator, proprietor, workman or producer.

Sailing Accidents/Charter Boat Accidents

Bike Accidents